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Here There Be Kitties...

Subject Designate: 00887

"We love him dearly, but we're in his territory, and he wants us dead."

~ Steve Irwin.

Name: Sneeker Thomas.

Genus: Felis Horribilis Domesticus.

Occupation: Hunter/ Sentry.

Base of Operations: Eavesdropper's Aerie, NY, USA.


This strange and beautiful beast was left to an uncertain fate at an Animal Shelter and adopted by the enigmatic Eavesdropper. The cat appeared old and frail, the look of a worn out shoe that inspired its name. Soon the cat transformed, doubling in weight and revealing itself to be a young male with an untamable wild streak. His tendency for launching playful sneak-attacks meant his new name was appropriate after all.


Gender: Male.

Age: Four (estimated).

Length: One meter.

Weight: Fourteen pounds.

Eyes: Gold.

Fur: Long black with silver undercoat. A pattern called "Black Smoke".

Breed: Persian mix.

Abilities/Special Powers:

Sneeker possesses an array of natural attributes and weaponry intrinsic to his breed including;

Enhanced night vision.

Long, saber-like fangs.

Retractable claws.

Large, muscular and supple, Sneeker can compact his body to under eleven inches in diameter, or stretch out for a striking distance of nearly four feet. Sneeker is able to leap to a height of four meters, or longitudinally up to six.

When on the hunt, Sneeker becomes the ultimate ambush predator, employing a highly refined stealth-mode. This generates a 'blind spot' effect that conceals him from all forms of electronic and psychic detection, and renders him invisible in shadow. It also cancels out peripheral vision, allowing the cat to virtually disappear unless one's gaze is locked directly on him.

Fighting Style:

Sneeker has demonstrated a unique and effective range of offensive and defensive capabilities including;

Bounding off the walls to build up speed for a strike.

Ramming with a powerful head-butt, rendering a foe insensate.

Body slamming a vulnerable spot like the back of a leg joint to topple an enemy.

Assuming a hind-legged combat stance to box an opponent's ears or strike the temples with his fore paws.

Coiling his spine into an 'S' shaped curve to launch a lightning fast fang strike like a snake.

Sneeker is a biter, leading with his teeth and reserving his claws for only the most serious of combat.


This half-feral feline has become an excellent companion and guardian. Despite his aggressive tendencies, Sneeker is smart, obedient and extremely affectionate. Always ready for a sparring match, the challenge of having such a beast in ones household is never really knowing when he might attack...!