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Here There Be Monsters

Fiction - by George Thomas

Kenji Lawrence Bradley; Renowned authority of chemical engineering and sometimes surf-bum. Kyoko Iso; Anthropologist, researching tribal cultures among Pacific island natives.

Caught in a web of ancient magic and super-science, they find their fates linked not only to each other, but to the monster Godzilla as they seek to survive a ...

War against the Wild Gods

A GODZILLA novel in six parts as featured in G-Fan magazine

Godzilla vs Varan - G-Fan #20

Godzilla vs Yog - G-Fan #37

Godzilla vs Dogorah - G-Fan #43

Godzilla vs StarMan - G-Fan #48

Godzilla vs The H-Man - G-Fan #52

Godzilla vs Manda - G-Fan #57

This work based on characters owned and copyrighted by Toho co. intended as fan appreciation with no rights given or implied.